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Ways to Maintain the Printer to Keep Its Performance Optimal

Printers have become an important part of modern human life. The existence of this device is very helpful for those who have to print photos or documents related to their work.

Including printing entrepreneurs who definitely really need a printer to complete orders.

However, not everyone knows and can take good care of the printer. Most of them only know how to use it, but don't know how to care for it. HP Driver Printer

They think, the matter of maintaining and repairing the printer is left to the printer service worker.

Even though caring for the printer should be done by the owner or user. Moreover, how to care for the printer is relatively easy.

You just need to have the will and patience. Here we review ways to care for the printer so that it does not break down quickly and its performance remains optimal in the long run.

1. Always Keep the Printer Clean

Keeping the printer clean is the first thing you must do so that the printer can last a long time.

When you are finished using the printer and you have no plans to use it in the near future, cover it with a soft cloth or a special printer cover. Especially in the section where the paper is prone to dust and dirt.

Dirt that gets into this section and has accumulated, can block the paper. At least, the dirt is carried away and sticks to the printer head . This condition will clearly disturb the print quality and make the printer head quickly damaged.

Therefore, make sure you clean the printer regularly. At least once a week.

The frequency may be less if you rarely use the printer, but the printer should always be kept closed.

2. Do the " Clean Head "

The way to take care of the next printer is to do a " clean head " routine . This process is the most widely used way of maintaining the printer.

The goal is that the printer head is not clogged and is able to absorb ink well. To then distribute it onto the paper maximally.

This maintenance system is generally owned by every printer. You just have to reread the manual that was included when buying the printer. Because, different brands of printers usually have different ways to do a clean head.

However, don't clean your head too often . Just about 1-2 weeks once.

Too often it can result in the ink tank not being able to hold the ink or experiencing flooding.

3. Use it regularly

A printer that is used regularly will actually last longer than a printer that is rarely used. Why?

Because, printers that are often used on a regular basis will have more optimal machine conditions. Of course, as long as the printer is not overused.

Meanwhile, printers that are rarely used tend to be damaged more quickly. When the printer is rarely used, the ink can dry out.

This condition is not ideal for the printer head , due to lack of liquid ink to be distributed onto paper.

In addition, a printer that is not used for a long time can be fatal to the printer head condition . Rust and dried ink will be difficult to clean if they have stuck to the printer head for a long time.

As a result, the ink cannot come out optimally because the hole in the printer head has been covered with rust or dried ink.

So, it would be better if you always use the printer regularly. Even if not every day, at least once a week the printer must be operated.

4. Turn it off when not in use

Like a machine, printers also need time to rest. Therefore, when you have no plans to use it, you should just turn it off.

Thus, the printer can rest a little from its job of printing the documents you need. With the recovery period, it can actually make the printer more durable.

Also pay attention to how to turn off the printer. Do not immediately unplug the adapter cable attached to the power line. Turn it off by pressing the on / off button until all the lights on the printer turn off.

Press this on / off button for 2-3 seconds and wait for the light to turn off. Only then do you unplug the power cord from the printer. This includes a USB cable that connects the printer to the computer.

How to care for the printer like this will avoid short circuits. Even though this rarely happens, there is nothing wrong with you taking precautions and anticipation.

When you need it back, just plug the cable back into the power grid. It's not difficult, right?

5. Don't Overprint

There is one thing that printer owners often forget, namely printing excessively. Forcing a printer to go the extra mile will only shorten its lifespan.

The printer head actually has a working time limit. When you force print in large quantities quickly, the printer head will definitely be exhausted. This is what will then make the printer's performance decrease.

Even if you have to print in large numbers, for example printing 200 sheets, do it in stages. The first stage is to print 25 sheets and then rest the printer for a few minutes.

Continue to the next step, and do it step by step while still giving the printer a break.

This method is ideal for printers that already use an IV system. The presence of an ink tank outside the printer and connected by a hose also requires a break.

Because the printer head will work harder to pick up ink that is a little far away in the infusion system.

6. Use Recommended Inks

Do not look lightly on the use of printer ink. Always use printer ink according to the manufacturer's recommendations. The use of original ink will give maximum results to every printed page.

Use ink from only one brand. The use of ink from various brands will only make the printouts not optimal.

Why? Because usually the color density level of each brand is different.

You should pay attention to this if using a printer with an infusion system. This system makes it easier to fill ink.

However, mixing one brand of ink with another will result in a non-solid color.

In addition, the mixed inks will make the cartridge perform less than optimal. A cartridge that still reads brand A ink color levels suddenly gets a different color content than B ink will definitely be confused.

The result, of course, the colors on the print will not be perfect.

7. Replace Ink Before Running Out

Do not forget to also take care of the following printer. Routinely check the condition of the ink in the cartridges. Do not let you not realize that the ink has run out while still using the printer.

If you use the printer when the ink runs out, the printer will definitely experience an error. Your delay in refilling the ink will result in an abnormal condition of the cartridges.

When things like this happen frequently, over time the cartridges will no longer work.

8. Perform Cartridge Performance Maintenance

This last method can be rarely done. However, it is quite effective in maintaining optimal cartridge performance.

First make four circles in yellow, green, black, and red. You can make these four circles easily through insert shapes in Ms Word. Continue to print the image at the highest resolution.

Do this method every one or two months so that the cartridge performance can be maintained in optimal condition.

This method can also be done to check the condition of the cartridge whether it can still print colors correctly or not.

Perbandingan Biaya Pasang Internet Indihome, First Media, XL, MNC

Internet jadi salah satu infrastruktur utama yang dibutuhkan buat menunjang kelancaran WFH maupun Home Learning.

Pegawai perkantoran butuh internet buat menunjang kelancaran proses pengiriman, ataupun pengerjaan tugas kantor apalagi apabila atasan memohon buat melaksanakan meeting secara dalam jaringan.

Murid ataupun siswa pula membutuhkan internet buat terus berbicara dengan guru menimpa penugasan yang wajib dikerjakan.

Terpenuhinya infrastruktur first media surabaya tersebut pastinya bisa menjadikan WFH berjalan dengan baik serta efisien.

Untuk Kamu yang tadinya tidak mempunyai fasilitas internet senantiasa di rumah, berikut ini sebagian saran pemasangan paket internet beserta biayanya dari bermacam provider.

1. First Media

First Media sediakan bermacam opsi harga combo buat paket internet serta Televisi kabel rumah Kamu.

Harga yang ditawarkan First Media pada paket combo diawali dari Rp259. 600 sampai Rp1. 477. 025 perbulan. Perbandingan yang terdapat pada tiap paket nya ialah kecepatan internet serta pula jumlah channel Televisi.

First Media pula membagikan keuntungan pengaksesan seluruh channel Televisi sepanjang 3 bulan buat seluruh tipe paket.

2. XL Home

XL Home mempunyai paket istimewa yang dinamai Paket Fiber XL. Paket ini terdiri dari 3 tipe. Awal paket famili yang dapat didapatkan dengan harga Rp349. 000 perbulan dengan kecepatan internet sampai 100mbps.

Kedua terdapat paket luar biasa users yang di banderol dengan harga Rp499. 000 perbulan dengan kecepatan internet sampai 300mbps. Ketiga terdapat paket ultimate yang dibanderol dengan harga Rp 999. 000 perbulan dengan kecepatan internet sebesar 1gbps.

Tidak hanya ketiga paket utama, XL Home pula menawarkan bermacam promo menarik yang lain yang dapat di amati pada halaman formal XL Home.

3. MNC Play

MNC Play pula jadi salah satu provider internet serta Televisi kabel yang dapat dijadikan opsi Kamu menunjang kelancaran WFH ataupun Home Learning.

MNC Play mempunyai keuntungan ialah kecanggihan teknologi yang 100 persen terdiri dari bahan fiber optik. Tidak hanya itu MNC Play membagikan layanan jaringan dengan kecepatan internet sampai 10 gbps.

MNC Play pula telah ada di bermacam zona di Indonesia yang pula membagikan keuntungan program premium yang dapat di akses pada jaringan MNC Play.

MNC Play sediakan 2 tipe paket ialah Paket Internet& Family Pack serta Paket Macam Tontonan. Paket Internet& Family Pack dibanderol dari harga Rp299. 000 perbulan sampai Rp1. 020. 500 perbulan.

Sebaliknya buat paket Macam Tontonan ada mulai harga Rp49. 000 per bulan sampai Rp99. 000 per bulan dengan sarana channel yang berbeda.

4. IndiHome

IndiHome jadi saran provider internet yang dapat digunakan buat menunjang kelancaran WFH ataupun Home Learning Kamu.

IndiHome mempunyai sebagian paket yang dapat menunjang aktivitas Kamu muali dari Paket Learning From Home, Paket Khusu Guru, Paket Rumah Riang 2020 sampai Paket Strreamix& Phonix.

Kamu dapat memakai tipe Paket Learning From Home buat menunjang kelancaran belajar online.

Paket ini sediakan 2 opsi, awal paket Dual Play yang dibanderol dengan harga Rp169. 000 perbulan dengan kecepatan internet sampai 10mbps, yang kedua paket Triple Play yang dibanderol dengan harga Rp199. 000 perbulan dengan kecepatan internet sebesar 10mbps serta pula menemukan layanan bonus ialah Televisi Interaktif Intro.

Sebaliknya untuk Kamu yang Work From Home, terdapat Paket Rumah Riang 2020 yang bisa menolong kelancaran bekerja sepanjang masa pandemi.

Paket ini lebih bermacam- macam dari paket learning from home. IndiHome menawarkan paket ini mulai dari harga Rp 360. 000 perbulan dengan kecepatan internet 10mbps sampai Rp 625. 000 perbulan dengan kecepatan internet yang didapat sampai 50mbps.

Elon Musk menjadi orang terkaya di dunia dengan kekayaan mencapai $ 185 miliar

Pengusaha Tesla dan SpaceX didorong ke slot teratas setelah harga saham Tesla naik pada hari Kamis.

Dia mengambil posisi teratas dari pendiri Amazon Jeff Bezos, yang telah memegangnya sejak 2017.

Perusahaan mobil listrik Mr Musk, Tesla, telah melonjak nilainya tahun ini, dan mencapai nilai pasar $ 700 miliar (£ 516 miliar) untuk pertama kalinya pada hari Rabu.

Itu membuat perusahaan mobil itu bernilai lebih dari gabungan Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, GM dan Ford.

Sebuah tweet lama yang disematkan di bagian atas umpannya menawarkan wawasan lebih lanjut tentang pemikirannya tentang kekayaan pribadi.

"Sekitar setengah dari uang saya ditujukan untuk membantu masalah di Bumi, dan setengahnya untuk membantu membangun kota mandiri di Mars untuk memastikan kelangsungan kehidupan (dari semua spesies) jika Bumi terkena meteor seperti dinosaurus atau WW3 terjadi dan kita menghancurkan diri kita sendiri, "bunyinya.

Nasib taipan telah didukung oleh politik di AS, di mana Demokrat akan memiliki kendali atas Senat AS dalam sesi yang akan datang.

Daniel Ives, seorang analis dari Wedbush Securities menulis: "Senat Biru sangat bullish dan potensi 'pengubah permainan' untuk Tesla dan sektor kendaraan listrik secara keseluruhan, dengan agenda yang lebih ramah lingkungan sekarang pasti ada di kartu untuk beberapa tahun ke depan . "

Kredit pajak kendaraan listrik yang diharapkan akan menguntungkan Tesla, "yang terus memiliki pegangan besi di pasar saat ini", tambahnya.

Mr Bezos juga telah melihat kekayaannya meningkat selama setahun terakhir. Pandemi virus corona membuat Amazon mendapat manfaat dari permintaan yang lebih kuat untuk toko online dan layanan komputasi awannya.

Namun, dia memberikan 4% saham dalam bisnis kepada mantan istrinya MacKenzie Scott setelah mereka berpisah, yang membantu Mr Musk menyusulnya.

Selain itu, ancaman regulasi berarti saham Amazon tidak meningkat setinggi yang seharusnya terjadi.